Fit & Go Pets X Rivyl

More than just a doggy day care centre, Fit & Go Pets are looking to make their mark as the ultimate destination for holistic pet care in Miami, Florida.


Fit & Go Pets is more than just a doggy day care center. It is like visiting your Abuela’s house, full of indulgent care for her furry grandbabies. A place where dogs never want to leave, where they have a free reign to be their unapologetic selves. A place where pawrents juggling long days and hectic calendars can stay in the loop with videos of their dogs enjoying their play, and truly relax. All they needed was red-hot branding identity and design to make their mark as the ultimate destination for holistic pet care in Miami, Florida.


Fit & Go Pets were sinking in the sea of sameness. Frustrated with the “doggy daycare” associations, they wanted to overhaul their design, shape a distinct identity and craft a unique voice. Fit & Go Pets just didn’t want to be different, they wanted to dominate the market.

Everything in the brief told us one thing about Fit & Go Pets.

“Disneyland for Dogs”

And here’s what our mavericks produced.


Every Disneyland needs its Mickey, so we created Rosie, a loveable mascot to become the center of the Fit & Go world.

We create a bank of speech and thought bubbles to make Rosie and her crew the voice of the brand. They could do all the talking.

Our copy team got tails wagging with a clever play on words that stands proud as the new Fit & Go Pets tagline.

“Every Day’s a Ball”

There were patterns-a-plenty for the owners and their pets to rock the Fit & Go Pets merchandise.

This re-brand gives Fit & Go Pets a strong identity which separates them from the rest. One step closer to becoming Disneyland for Dogs.

Project Team: