Benergy X Rivyl

Benergy is a startup on-the-go breakfast brand who braved the pandemic sucker punch to the hospitality industry to make their mark on Northern Ireland.


Benergy is a startup on-the-go breakfast and convenience snack brand which sprung up despite the sucker punch Covid delivered to the hospitality industry worldwide. Instead of sitting around twiddling their fingers, Jess and Ben channeled their creativity, their cooking skills and their zest for health into a delicious breakfast pot that earnt rave reviews from family and friends. Pretty quickly they discovered the transformative power a good diet has on managing mood and they were hit with lightning, their entrepreneur brains realizing they could create Northern Ireland’s first quick snack foods that educate and inform people to fuel better. But the best part? The damn delicious, mouthwateringly, absurdly desert-like taste!    


So what did these go-getters need that Rivyl could provide? A structure and strategy to prove to investors and stakeholders that this pair were a force to be reckoned with, and a guide that lays out all the rules so their Identity could be recognised, repeated, and enforced across a fast growing team. We loved their name - Benergy, we simply dropped the Nutrition to deflect too much of the misdirected attention this word attracts and hone in on the energy this brand had from the get go. Then we crafted a logo that tied together the handmade, organic direction of the brand and suited their new aesthetic and packaging concepts. They loved the result and are off to a flying start painting walls in their new premises in their signature colors!! Keep your eyes peeled for this power couple.


The outcome is a youthful, energetic and edgy brand with natural vibes. Rivyl takes the merry out of berry, injects the sass of lime and zest of orange to team together a color palette that feels fresh and real. Add a hand drawn logo font and touches in their illustrations and Benergy conveys the sense of movement and action that will sing to its target audience. We distilled down their brand pillars around the values of local, playful, active, daring and nourished then honed their strategy to convey this messaging and guide their internal team in deploying Benergy consistently. Benergy can’t help but stick a smile on your dial, and we’re certain our branding satisfies nearly as good as the taste does! 

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