Beach Toes X Rivyl

A home-grown Aussie brand passionate about the planet, selling plant-based, fast drying and earth-friendly polish to the young and adventurous.

Beach Toes is an Aussie brand passionate about the planet, the people, and nail polish. The market was saturated with nail polish filled with noxious chemicals – harmful to people and the planet. Beach Toes was born to make nail polishes safe for everyone. The result was a plant-based, fast-drying, and earth-friendly polish for the young and adventurous.

When Beach Toes came to rivyl with fire in their eyes to lead the beauty industry towards sustainable production practices and environmental conservation; we couldn’t say no. Their conviction was irresistible.

Here’s what they wanted from us…


They wanted a solid strategy, a revamped logo, and a distinct visual identity which brought back the bright times in their photos.

Some routine auditing and here’s what we discovered.

Their existing logo was stuck in the ‘90s. And it was visually distracting. Nostalgic for sure but for the right audience? Nope.

Next stop, a solid visual identity and strategy to tie it all up. 

Throughout our workshop with them, we could see the enthusiasm about the beach, the ocean, and the natural environment. And there it was. Buried in the sands… the perfect look for Beach Toes to kickstart their domination of their market.

This is what we came up with…


Out with the 90’s-looking logo and in with a minimalistic design. One that captivates the young crowd. And an ode to the Beach Toes sustainability commitments. Let the premium polish colors do the talkin’.

Ah! The beach. The soothing sunrise, the relaxing sunset. Tranquility abound. That became our muse. We chose ocean blue and sun orange for Beach Toes. A stark contrast to the mass of black, white, and pink that saturate the beauty industry.

As a throwback to their old logo, we added retro patterns. This kept the brand feeling young and fresh.

The end result was a consistent and recognizable brand visuals exclusive to Beach Toes.

We created concept designs for new polish bottles and snapped over 300 photos for the Beach Toes relaunch, each photo perfectly color-matched to best represent the product.

To top it all off, we developed a brand new e-commerce site with their shiny new branding. Their online sales increased by 447%. Who ever said branding doesn’t matter?

Project Team:
Design Team:
General Manager
Art Director
Senior Designer
Web Development Team:
Tech Director
Senior Developer
Web Developer
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