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Rivyl is all about bringing that maverick attitude to branding. Making sure that the old ways of doing things don’t impede on better and more creative avenues. We know how to take on a unique approach to make sure your brand stands out in whatever industry you’re in.



We know what we’re doing, and we love it. No, we’re obsessed with it. We’re all about brining focus, clarity, and actionables to the table to make sure that your brand goes to market with confidence that can only come from those that aren’t interested in sticking to stale techniques and traditions.



At Rivyl, we champion collaboration as the driving force for effective branding results. We work with you to make sure that the end result is something that resonates with you completely, ensuring that you go to market with the best and most tailored outcome possible.

What we do

We’ll take your brand and make it explode with creativity


Carve out your brand’s identity 
to ensure you have the right strategy 
for your target market.


Give your brand the look it needs 
to match its feel.  We’ll make sure 
it bursts with creative flair.


Need a way for your clients to know 
what you do and how they can benefit? 

Leave it to us.

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At the end of the day, it’s all about clarity. You can’t sell anything without knowing who you are and how to show off your values, voice, and style. 
At Rivyl, we’re not just experts at giving you the clarity you need to move forward, we’re obsessed with carving out your vision.
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Not sure who you’re targeting? We’ll help forge your style to appeal to exactly the type of person that would be interested in what you have to offer - what they value, what attracts to them, and how you can appeal to their desires.
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Once you have clarity and focus, you just need a way to harness them. Rivyl will provide you the assets you need to kickstart your brand, including a rulebook for consistency and the knowledge you need to stay on track.

our solutions

Maverick strategy

We know what it takes to create a kickass brand that stands out from the pack. Rivyl will make sure you have the right knowledge, copy, and blueprint to clearly identify your purpose, mission, and vision. Everything you do will have a consistency that you won’t find anywhere else. We’ll create an explosive strategy that you can take to market and rival your competition.

Branding design

Branding is all about ideating, creating, and fostering the right copy and design. Our design-obsessed people will make sure that you have the most creative and disruptive visuals to match your explosive strategy. We take your ideas, put them through the ringer, and give you exactly what you asked for... and more. If it’s in your brain, we’ll make sure it hits the page.

Rock solid actionables

And what’s all of this worth if it isn’t clearly outlined in a guide that provides you with all the necessary rules and branding laws to stay consistent? That’s why we provide the best way for you to have everything you need in one place. A Rivyl brand guide is essentially your brand bible. It’ll make it so that you won’t have to keep repeating your branding laws to every new hire or external writer or designer. With successful branding, effective marketing will follow.

Deep dive

We’ll take a deep dive into your site and tell you what you need. Our research will create an outline of your industry landscape and audience to make sure you have a rock solid blueprint and strategy to move forward with confidence. Rivyl is about constant collaboration in service of a kickass strategy, which is why we become part of your team. You need us, we’re there.

UX/UI maximisation

We’ll stick to UX/UI principles and tailor-made designs that are made to stand out and disrupt your industry, keeping your communications and strategy consistent across the board. We know what it takes to be noticed, which is why we work with you on every touchpoint, ensuring maximum marketability at all times.

Keys to the kingdom

Rivyl doesn’t just focus on your users, we focus on you too. Your goal, mission, and vision is what we care about. We’ll use everything we have at our disposal to make sure your end user is surprised and delighted with every touchpoint. We forge the back end and hand you the keys to the kingdom when we’re done. Simple as that.

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More happy people

Fiona Soutter
Amitie Lane
Working with Rivyl to do the complete rebrand of my company was an incredibly positive experience. It's not an easy thing to do - taking very subjective and sometimes vague ideas out of a founder's mind and interpreting them to reflect exactly what they want (and sometimes they don't even know how to explain what they want!!), is not an easy task. Every person, every touch point in the journey was outstanding. The results - AMAZING! I highly recommend Rivyl to anyone looking for a professional team who can deliver.
Cameron Shepherd
Shape HR
Partnering with Rivyl offers way more than a competitive advantage in marketing. They bring the best out of me and my business and challenge us to constantly evolve. Proactive, energetic and absolute professionals.
Joshua Sanerive
Rivyl has been absolutely fabulous to work with. Their quick turnaround times, friendly approach and creative ideas have been much appreciated. It is very clear that the Rivyl team is genuinely invested in their clients' success. Thank you Rivyl!
Shaun Beckwith
Rivyl, the mastermind behind our triumphant rebrand and business merger, led us on an exhilarating journey of transformation. With their expert guidance, we shed our old skins and emerged with a bold new identity that instilled us with the unbridled confidence and resolute determination needed to soar to new heights of success. The process was a joyous adventure that left us empowered and energized, and we owe it all to the talented team at Rivyl. Cheers Guys!
Waqar Khawaja
Khawaja Partners
The entire Rivyl gang is amazing. From initial meetings and ideation of a brand/logo with Dain to all the creative branding input from Emma to the final touches and fixes to a beautifully designed website with the help of Carlos and Hans, Rivyl provided the best full-service and one stop shop customer experience. I will certainly work with Rivyl again and recommend them wholeheartedly.





Our branding mavericks will conduct a thorough audit of your brand:

  • Test the elasticity of your brand
  • Diagnosis on effectivity and suitability of brand in your industry
  • Evaluating necessity and strength of all touchpoints
  • Providing a clear strategic approach to next steps

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