Marcus Collins

Taking Academia To The Street

A reimagined visual identity, and content marketing strategy, communicating the personality and vision of Cultural Strategist and Keynote Speaker--Marcus Collins.

Marcus Collins is a cultural strategist and keynote speaker who’s dedicated to helping people realize their full potential, at the highest fidelity possible. Marcus approached us wanting to update his branding and develop a marketing strategy that can open his brand up to a wider audience.

Marcus had a personal branding problem and was looking to differentiate and establish a solid brand look and feel that was unique, memorable, and open himself up to more speaking and television opportunities. He was unsure of how to build a brand that incorporates academia and the street under one overarching theme.

We provided him with a marketing strategy that could be implemented in collaboration with Michigan Ross Univesity, gain exposure, and have the potential to get him on television--all while giving back to the community at the same time.

The solution was revamping Marcus’ existing branding with unique textures and a vibrant color palette to emphasize his academic background whilst still appealing to the street.



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