Dark Horse Coffee Company

Bringing Dark Horse to Light

Branding and identity design, logo, website, packaging design, and content strategy inspired by workmanship, speaking to those who want to make their day count, for Floridian-based coffee company--Dark Horse.

We took reigns of the Dark Horse brand and broke it in with a new identity, unflinching logo, bold color palette, and website that spoke directly to the target consumer. We brought the Dark Horse vision to light ensuring the design would transfer well across digital and traditional channels. Whilst also creating a killer content strategy to boost social media growth and brand awareness.

The outcome was a unified brand with clear messaging, a unique voice across all touchpoints, a laser-focused target audience, and a website that captures the identity of the Dark Horse brand perfectly. Still interested? Check it out for yourself. 

Despite having brilliant ideas, Jeremy and Lynn were struggling to bring them to fruition and were unsure of how to build their vision into a reality. Timeless brand fundamentals they didn’t know how to create included:

  • A logo that resembled the brand’s personality

  • A brand identity that speaks to the audience

  • Design and content outlines

  • Social media accounts

  • An inviting website that converts prospects

The brand is passionate, gritty, driven, and aims to provide motivation to those who need it most. Dark Horse is more than a coffee company. It’s a way of life. In its roots, Dark Horse exists to challenge the status quo, by inspiring its dedicated drinkers to make a real-life impact and crush their goals, no matter the obstacle. 

Jeremy and his wife Lynn approached rivyl to prepare, invent, and launch their new brand into the American market--one hell of a coffee company. Dark Horse combines American sourced ingredients with a hard-hitting tone of voice to appeal to hard-working blue-collar folks. The kind of people who rise and grind at 4 am and need a quality brew to kickstart their day.



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