Building a Brand From Scratch

A vibrant brand and visual identity, unique brand positioning, and strategic marketing direction for Australian-based tech start-up--Credily. 

To differentiate Credily from competitor service offerings, we established a strong and unique brand identity that appealed directly to the target market, capturing their attention through the inclusion of a pastel colorway in mint, green, and orange. We provided Credily with a hard-hitting tone of voice that appeals directly to the consumer’s pain points, calling them out and inspiring action.

We applied this tone of voice across the brand touchpoints, supplying copy and creative direction for the website and content to increase brand credibility in the mind of Investors and larger banks. 

As a result, Credily is now a recognized brand that has an aligned mission, vision, and values. It has a credible brand identity that directly appeals to the target consumer and a unique tone of voice that is relatable, fun, and vibrant.

As Credily is a new entrant to a hyper-competitive market, it faced a range of challenges that would need to be addressed, these included:

  • No social media presence or website

  • Strength and size of the competition.

  • Lack of direction and brand identity

  • No content or design outline

  • Lack of financial backing from big banks due to a lack of credibility

Mason Owlad (CEO of Credily) approached us to help turn his vision into a reality. His ambition was to break down financial topics into easy-to-understand information that can be consumed by anyone--Credily was born. 

Credily is a tech-based startup that provides smart financial solutions to clients through unique and actionable processes. With the initiative to provide practical solutions to Australian families who are looking to refinance their home loans or for home loan advice. 

When presented with the project the brand had a completely different image, target market, and name in mind. Due to the uber-competitiveness of the market, strategies had to be implemented to provide Credily the competitive edge it needed to make a name for itself in the Australian market.



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