BodyGoods Nutrition

Exploding BodyGoods’ Brand Image

New brand identity, logo, and content strategy to revitalize a dated brand image for American-based fitness supplement retailer--Body Goods Nutrition.

In addition to the effects placed on business as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, BodyGoods faced some additional hurdles that needed to be surpassed to get back on track and maintain competitiveness in a diluted marketplace. These included:

  • Dated logo design

  • Lack of brand identity

  • No design outline

  • Slow social growth

  • Dated store design

Originally, we were only creating kick-ass content for BodyGoods' Instagram. Which then blossomed into a branding client. Why? BodyGoods was lost as a brand and needed guidance. 

We updated the BodyGoods brand with a new identity, logo, and color palette to revitalize its dated brand image, ensuring the design would transfer well across both digital and traditional touchpoints. Whilst also developing a content strategy to boost social media growth.

The outcome was a unified brand with clear messaging across all touchpoints, a laser-focused target audience, and increased profitability that allowed for a second store location to be opened.

First off, you should know the man behind the brand. Meet Deliser Santos, CEO of BodyGoods, a husband and father of two. Deliser approached rivyl to help grow his company and explode his sales. 

BodyGoods is a supplement and nutrition retailer created to provide fitness-focused people with the focus, and enthusiasm they need to materialize their dream body and work towards a healthier future. At its core, BodyGoods exists to inspire fitness enthusiasts to lead healthier lives.

The effects of COVID-19 struck retail stores hard and Deliser wanted to be as prepared as possible to tackle the new market. Other than the virus, there was another monstrous problem. His branding didn't resonate with the company vision. That's where rivyl came in.



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